BCH community splits and forks

Just when it seemed that Bitcoin Cash would manage to stand up to these challenges, the platform came face to face with another issue: conflicting attitudes about its block sizes among the members of its community. Eventually, these cracks turned to gulches and the community split into two main camps on November 15 2018.

Those who opted to protect Bitcoin Cash from implementing overly radical changes with block sizes represented the Bitcoin ABC faction, with ABC standing for “Adjustable Blocksize Cap”. They were led by Roger Ver and mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain.

Bitcoin SV (BSV, with “SV” standing for “Satoshi’s Vision”) is the other major fork of Bitcoin Cash which established itself as a standalone cryptocurrency with the mission to uphold what its creators claim to be the original vision of the Bitcoin’s founder. The coin was developed by the blockchain development firm nChain, with the support from one Craig “Faketoshi” Wright. His faction supported forking from the Bitcoin Cash in order to allow for increasing the BCH block size from the current 32 MB to 120 MB. Despite the fact that BitcoinSV lost the BCH ticker, the currency managed to achieve some success in late 2018, riding on its promise to substitute Bitcoin Cash’s native application ecosystem in the long run.

On April 15 2019, Binance announced plans for the delisting of Bitcoin SV on April 22 2019, followed by a similar announcement made by Kraken on April 16.

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