CoinPayz Review (2022) – How to Earn Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

In 2020, CoinPayz, a brand-new faucet, was established. To ensure that it is a legitimate faucet, we have examined the payouts. A regular faucet, a rapid faucet, sponsored links, and tasks that you can complete to earn cash are all available. If you enjoy playing the lottery, you can use the coins you earn to purchase tickets for a chance to win. Their unit of trade is coins, which may be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency. You can withdraw money right now to and For extra money and Energy, don’t forget to claim your awards on the Achievements page. Cons are created out of energy.

CoinPayz Review – What is it?

In essence, CoinPayz is a brand-new browse-and-earn program that converts FREE COINS into LEISURE BROWSING every five minutes!

You will receive the completely new CoinPayz system, free cryptocurrency earned using a hidden technology, step-by-step training from CoinPayz, and top-notch support. Nowhere else will we discover value of this caliber.

  • Play Games
  • Watch Videos
  • Review Products and Services

And we can earn FREE Crypto worth $5-$10 every 5 minutes… over and over again… Non-stop! It’s 100% legal, ethical and risk-free! It doesn’t require you to invest a dime… the more we play games and watch videos, the more we earn.

How Does CoinPayz Work?

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This Just 3 Clicks To Open The Floodgates To Non-Stop Payments With CoinPayz:

  • Click 1: REGISTER: Simply Open CoinPayz & Create An Account… It Just Takes A Minute To Join them
  • Click 2: EARN COINS: Claim Free Coins Every 5 minutes By Completing Offers, Visiting Websites, Watching Videos, Play Games, And Many More!
  • Click 3: WITHDRAW: They Convert their Coins Into their Preferred Crypto And Withdraw Into their Faucetpay Account Or Crypto Wallet.

CoinPayz is a system that pays us $5-10 every 5 minutes. It helps us earn FREE Crypto without going through the hassle of learning how to mine, buying mining hardware (supercomputers), etc. Now – if you’re thinking that such a sophisticated technology MUST cost a bomb, you wouldn’t be completely wrong in thinking that. Yes – they could easily sell this for $997 and no one would mind paying that – considering everyone is ready to invest in Crypto to make astronomical gains. But – they know you have worked hard for every penny. And you must have burnt your fingers more than once buying tools that turn out to be useless. So – for a limited time only, they are offering CoinPayz for an extremely LOW price. A price that is actually quite laughable. Click the button below right now to get a copy of CoinPayz.

Ways to Earn Free Crypto on CoinPayz

Once your account has been created, you can begin using the numerous claim methods on CoinPayz to get free cryptocurrency. First, up to 20 claims per day, the main faucet claims department will pay $1 every 10 minutes. Your claim is valued in US dollars, and the current conversion rate is available on the withdrawal page.

  1. Ordinary Faucet

10 Minutes – CoinPayz lets you claim for USD and one experience throughout the day. Just go to the faucet page, complete the captcha challenge, and click “Claim Reward”. Claiming up to 20 times from the faucet in a day will allow you to claim an achievement on the achievements page.

  1. Quick Faucet

30 Seconds – Quick Faucet Claims allow you to claim every 30 seconds for less than the dollar of a regular faucet, earning one experience point per claim. Fast Facet has a maximum of 60 claims per day, after 25 claims in a day, you will be eligible for achievement claims. Then, if you reach the requirement of 50 quick faucets in a day, you can claim another achievement.

  1. Offer Wall

Offerwalls on CoinPayz are one of the easiest ways to get free money fast. Currently, there are 12 suppliers with offers available on CoinPayz. Similar to the faucet achievements above, after completing a quote, you’ll be eligible for additional payment through an achievement claim, especially with their preferred supplier.

  1. PTC Advertising

PTC ads in CoinPayz will vary during the day depending on the amount available. While watching these ads, you’ll see offers related to other crypto-related sites that you might find interesting. PTC ads currently offer USD bonuses, 1 experience point, and usually last 7 seconds. After completing 5 sponsored links in one day, be sure to announce your achievement.

  1. Dice

Like most other crypto faucet sites, CoinPayz has a dice game where you bet on the top/bottom dice and bet on the outcome. Your chances are 49.5%, so the House does have a slight edge in this game.

  • Lottery

You can use your money to purchase a predetermined number of lottery tickets on CoinPayz and join the lottery pool, just like in other lotteries.

  • Achievement

The achievements section mentioned in this CoinPayz review article provides a great way to earn bonuses for the claims you usually make. There are achievement bonuses for normal and quick faucet claims, completion of PTC ads/sponsored links, and completion of offers.

How to Withdrawal From Coinpayz?

If you submit 20 of the typical faucet claims every day, you ought to be able to withdraw the least amount of $0.01 USD each day, or even less frequently as your expertise level rises. If achievement bonuses and other ways of claiming are taken into account, you might even be able to withdraw more than once every day if you so want. You can choose to withdraw your funds from CoinPayz to FaucetPay in the following digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Feyorra, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Dash, Digibyte, and Tether. You can withdraw Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, or Reddcoin to ExpressCrypto. Finally, you can only withdraw USD through Payeer.

When withdrawing from CoinPayz make sure your microwallet and crypto is highlighted so you know you’re withdrawing to correct coin and address 

For re-withdrawals, you get a lot of payment options, just like you can withdraw money from your Monday account, or you can withdraw money from your Bitcoin account. You have a lot of options and you might be intimidated when you borrow five rupees from work, which means you can take the money to any account.


In CoinPayz, there are numerous ways to make money. You can perform chores, claim faucets and rapid faucets, short links, and quotes, as well as claim daily incentives. There are various payment options available. You have the option of withdrawing cash from coins or a faucet. Online wallet, etc. The minimum withdrawal amount on CoinPayz is not too large, so you can make more money and take it right away.

You can still search for alternative sites to earn money legally, but let’s make sure it’s worthwhile to give it a shot first.

So, I hope that at least some of us can use this to supplement our income during the epidemic. Now that CoinPayz has my seal of approval, you have the option to use it. But let’s not forget that you shouldn’t invest in any website that claims to multiply your earnings. Before sending money to anyone or anything, we all take the proper precautions.

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