What is BtcAdv? Review of BtcAdv PTC Platform

BtcAdv uses tokens to pay for watching websites (advertisements) or completing other tasks of BtcAdv. You can complete the withdrawal request in just a few minutes. In addition, you can also put your own projects on the BtcAdv website, which provides a very good traffic platform. According to the data of BtcAdv website, they have 5552 users and completed 26184 withdrawal applications. Next, we will introduce how to complete the task and withdraw cash in BtcAdv.

BtcAdv Pros:

  • 30% referral programs
  • Online Earning Website
  • Easy to Use interface
  • Payment Proof Available

BtcAdv Cons:

  • Lack of licensing or certifications.
  • Business address not found.

What Crypto Coins does BtcAdv Support?

There are 12 kinds of crypto coins that BtcAdv support, including FEY, DGB, TRX, DOGE, XRP, SOL, ZEC, LTC, BCH, BNB, ETH, BTC.

How to Get Started With BtcAdv?

Step 1: Go to https://www.btcadv.com/

Step 2: Click “Get it Now”

Step 3: Type the following information

Step 4: Click I’m not a robot and Read Terms Rules First

Step 5: Go to Dashboard


BtcAdv Review: Free Crypto Faucet

You can claim 50,000 BtcAdv tokens every 2 minutes and there are no limit times to claim! Besides, you can earn 30% affiliate commission from your invited earners.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Faucet

Step 2: Click I’m not a robot and Claim


Step 3: Claim 50,000 tokens successfully

BtcAdv Review: PTC Ads

There are two ads at present, and we can look forward to more campaigns in the future, including different kinds of surf ads.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – PTC Ads

Step 2: Click “Go To” and go through 10 seconds.

Important Note: Once you finish one of the surf ads tasks, this website will disappear, and you can check your tokens on “History”.

BtcAdv Review: Short Link

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Short Links

Step 2: Click the “GO” button

Step 3: Go through the website to get tokens

BtcAdv Review: Lottery

The lottery works on a really simple principle. Cost 100,000 Tokens to buy a Ticket.
At the end of the round, one random Ticket is selected as the winning ticket to get the 80% of all the expected prizes.
If you have more tickets, you have more chances to win the lottery.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Lottery

Step 2: Buy 1 Ticket with 100,000 Tokens

Step 3: Wait for the random choice, you may the next winner!

BtcAdv Review: OfferWall

You can get tokens by finishing Offer Wall tasks, and at present, BtcAdv is only connected to the CRX Research platform. And the satoshi we get from Offer Wall will be turned into tokens automatically, we can find that 1 Token = 0.00000012 Satoshis BTC / 1 Satoshi BTC = 8451396 Tokens

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Offer Wall

Step 2: Click CRX Research

Step 3: Finish the research to get tokens

Important note: What we have received from Short Link, Offer Wall are all BtcAdv tokens. For example, if we finish the 2400 satoshi survey, we can get 200,000,000,000 Tokens.

BtcAdv Review: Withdrawal

Step 1: Go to Dashboard – Withdraw

Step 2: Select Coin Your Want

Step 3: Choose FaucetPay Wallet or iCoinPay User-ID to withdraw

Step 4: Click I’m not a robot and Withdraw

What is the Minimum for Withdrawal and Fees?

The minimum withdrawal is 100,000 tokens.


BtcAdv Review: Is BtcAdv Safe?

BtcAdv is a relatively new PTC website, so I can’t safely answer this question. The reason is that the website is not well-known and there are not many people talking about it at present. First of all, let me know their legitimacy. The thing is, I can assure you that this article looks promising, otherwise I wouldn’t write this BtcAdv comment for you. I just want to provide you with legal opportunities to make money.

BtcAdv Review: Affiliate Program

You earn an affiliate up to 30% commission from your invited users when they earn from clicking advertisements, doing offers, and doing other tasks.


Where To Find BtcAdv Referral Link?

You can find your referral link on Dashboard – Affiliate

BtcAdv Review: Password Change

If you want to change your BtcAdv password, you can go to Dashboard – Profile. You can update your new password here.


BtcAdv Final Verdict

In the world of virtual currency, there are many ways to make money. Some methods are difficult to work with. But with BtcAdv, you can make money easily and for free. I can say this is the simplest way to make money. You just need to use your free time to make money on BtcAdv. I will recommend BtcAdv to my friends.
Nowadays, virtual currency is becoming more and more popular. It is popular at all ages. If you are interested in earning virtual currency, you can join BtcAdv platform with me.

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